Mason Engineering bid this new construction project using two (2) high efficiency Camus DynaFlame hydronic condensing boilers. The space for the boiler was very limited with electrical panels within 4-ft from the front of each boiler (code requirement is not less the 3 ft). The engineering group AEI of Gainesville, FL office increased the original boiler capacity from 3,000 MBH to 3,500MBH input in which the specified boiler could not meet the new input capacity. Camus DynaFlame models go up to 6,000 MBH input and the footprint stays the same, The Camus boilers made this installation less costly and convenient for the mechanical contractor to be able to utilize the same floor space per the original design


Working with I.C. Thomasson engineering from the Tampa, FL office we were able to save the owner and the construction budget over $150,000.00 and to precede with the new C.E.P. plant that was part of the hospital renovation. Originally the CEP project would included two (2) 300hp high pressure steam boilers, two (2) packaged hydronic steam-to-water hydronic heat exchangers and two (2) packaged steam-to-water domestic hot water heat exchangers and a 15,000lb deaerator feedwater system all to fit in a very small addition to the hospital. Mason Engineering took on the challenge to think outside the box and help this project to go forward by reducing the steam boiler load and providing the owner with high efficient equipment that saved capital dollars as well as energy costs. Mason Engineering was able to reduce the steam boilers down to two (2) York-Shipley 80hp high pressure steam boilers (@ 82% eff.) replace the deaerator with a 125-gal feedwater return system with a steam sparging pre-heater, replace the two (2) hydronic steam-to-water heat exchangers with two 95% efficiency Camus 6,000 MBH boilers and replaced the two (2) domestic hot water heat exchangers with two (2) Camus 2,000 MBH domestic hot water boilers.


One of Mason Engineering’s crown achievements is the installation of two (2) Unilux – Evolv 1,200 high pressure steam watertube boilers at the Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, FL. The Unilux Evolv boilers are equipped with 304 stainless steel jacket, a high turndown (10:1) Power Flame burner with Autoflame Mk 7 touchscreen burner controls, with a Cleveland Hays O2 trim to keep the burner at maximum combustion efficiency throughout the boiler turndown. Additionally, Mason Engineering supplied a BFS- Industries 80,000lb dual deaerator/surge tank feedwater system. The Deaerator has three continuous operating feedwater pumps and two continuous operating transfer pumps on the surge tank. Included with the boilers are two (2) Cain stack economizers to extract the thermal heat from the boiler’s exhaust, recovering the BTU’s from the boilers’ vent stack and pre-heating the make-up water to the deaerator, thus saving thousands of energy dollars.


Mason Engineering secured the large Disney World pool heating project at Blizzard Beach – Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, FL. The project was to replace and more than double the BTU’s of the two (2) Rite boilers that had been serving the Blizzard Beach water park for over 15 years and to replace them with four (4) high efficiency hot water boilers. The four Camus boilers model DFNW5000 with 5-Millon BTUH each to serve the water park requirements. The Camus boilers were built with a special customized outdoor platforms and hip-roof design per Disney’s specifications. Mason Engineering designed, built and pre-piped the complete boiler packaged units that included the boiler stacks and primary heating pumps.


Mason Engineering competitively bid the new Max Planck Research complex is in Jupiter, FL. Using two (2) 100hp York-Shipley Global high pressure steam boilers, a 15,000lb BFS-Industries deaerator feedwater system and two (2) Camus DynaFORCE hydronic heating boilers. The York-Shipley boilers included Power Flame high turndown natural gas burners with Autoflame mini Mk7 linkageless controls to give the owner maximum combustion efficiency and 100% repeatability. The Camus DynaFORCE model DRNH1800 hydronic boilers were also provided as high efficiency condensing boilers with 5:1 turndown ratio and thermal efficiencies of 95+%.

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