Bok Towers - Lake Wales FL

Bok Towers was in need of a new 125-Ton cooling tower for the Aqua-Garden expansion project that was taken place in 2016 and their enlargement of office and restaurant areas. Delta Cooling Towers was called on to help provide their heat pump cooling requirement. As you can see the Delta Tower took less space and was able to include a VFD on the cooling tower fan to improve the overall efficiency of the cooling system. Also, duplex cooling tower pumps were added to provide redundancy.

The Saint Petersburg Fine Arts Museum

This project was a design build project where Mason Engineering bid this new expansion using two (2) high efficiency Smith Cast iron Boilers. The Mechanical and installing Contractor was Southern Equipment Corporation and the Mechanical Engineer was TLC Engineering, of the Tampa Office. The Smith boilers provided were (2) 51 HP Hot Water Boilers, with a 2,075 MBH capacity input. These boilers are being used for hydronic reheat and humidification in this prestigious Museum of Fine Arts.

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C-Vista Flavor Ingredient Co. Tampa, FL 

C-Vista is an innovative flavor ingredient company using advanced technology to produce natural citrus specialty fractions and apple essence. C-Vista was an owner direct purchase of (1) 100hp York-Shipley Fire Tube high pressure steam boiler, and a 125 Gallon BFS-Industries boiler feed water system. The York Shipley boilers included a Power Flame high turndown natural gas burner with an Autoflame mini Mk7 linkage less controls to give the owner maximum combustion efficiency .

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